Steamed perch keeps the fresh taste and sweet taste of the fish, which is one of the biggest characteristics of Cantonese cuisine.


1 bass
Proper amount of peanut oil
Proper amount of soy sauce
3 slices of fresh lemon
1 slice of ginger
Appropriate amount of water
2 scallions


Step 1
Treatment of Perch: cut the upper abdomen of the fish, remove the viscera, scrape off the black membrane of the belly, remove the gills, wash and drain

Step 2
Shred the ginger and cut the scallions into sections. Spread them on a clean plate

Step 3
Put the fish on the scallion and shredded ginger, and put some shredded ginger and scallion into the belly of the fish

Step 4
Put shredded ginger and scallions on the fish

Step 5
Add water to the pan and put on the bracket

Step 6
Put the fish on top and steam over high heat for 12 minutes

Step 7
When it's time to take out the fish, pour out the distilled water, squeeze on the lemon juice, wash the lemon, cut it into thick slices, directly squeeze out the juice and drop it on the fish, a little is enough, used to extract fresh and remove peculiar smell

Step 8
Pick up the steamed scallion and shredded ginger and discard them. Put in the fresh scallion

Step 9
Drain the oil in the hot pot, pour the oil into the soy sauce after boiling, and turn off the fire immediately

Step 10
When the oil is hot, pour it on the fish

Step 11
Immediately issued Zizi sound, bursts of fish fragrance