Fish and Jinhua ham are destined to stay together for three generations. Who makes them match so well? The fish is fresh, but it has a fishy smell. In addition to adding freshness and fragrance, Jinhua ham can also remove the fishy smell. The “childhood sweetheart” among the ingredients is not too much~~


250g Jinhua ham
750g bass
1 ginger
A little oil
2 teaspoons yellow rice wine
1 chive
Proper amount of water


Step 1
Clean the bass and cut it from the spine to the abdomen. Keep about 1cm in the abdomen. Don't cut it off.

Step 2
Prepare ingredients

Step 3
Sliced ham, sliced ginger

Step 4
Put the treated bass on a plate, sprinkle with an appropriate amount of yellow rice wine and ginger slices, and marinate for 10 minutes

Step 5
Place the bass in flower shape, put the ham slices into the gaps, steam in the pot for 12 minutes, take it out, and sprinkle with scallion