Steamed fish is a real delicacy that takes its nature, cooks freely and enjoys itself. It is the most common, simple and exquisite dish in Guangdong cuisine. Guangdong is located in the water town of Lingnan. The unique geographical conditions give full play to the “fresh and live” advantages of Guangdong cuisine. A steamed fish is a simple and delicious domestic dish for Cantonese. It is also an essential food for all Festival banquets. Fresh live fish are slaughtered, simple onions and ginger are used to remove the fishiness, and good soy sauce is used to freshen the fish. The fish produced in this way is tender, smooth, light and sweet. It is also the most close to nature and the most enjoyable way.


1 bass
1 ginger
4 chives
1 red pepper
3 tbsp steamed fish and soy sauce
2 tbsp vegetable oil


Step 1
Scale the bass, wash it, and take two knives on the back of the fish, because the back of the bass is thick and difficult to cook, and then wipe the blood with a clean cloth or kitchen paper

Step 2
Put two broken shallots into the plate, so that there is space at the bottom of the bass to heat evenly

Step 3
Spread the perch on the bed. Put a few slices of ginger and a broken scallion into the belly of the perch to remove the fishy smell. Steam the perch in a cage over high heat for about 8 minutes (depending on the size of the fish). When cooked, take it out and set aside

Step 4
During this period, cut shredded ginger and scallion. Cover the cut shredded ginger with red pepper as a decoration

Step 5
Shredded ginger and green onion can keep the shape and color more beautiful. In this way, shredded ginger and green onion can be soaked in water

Step 6
After the fish is taken out, if there is too much fish soup on the plate, you can pour out the part, then put the cut shredded green onion and ginger, heat the oil in the pot, pour the oil on the shredded green onion, ginger and fish, and finally pour the steamed fish and soy sauce