Hello, babies, today I’d like to introduce the delicious method of minced meat and tofu, steamed with shrimp paste, appetizer and meal.


200g tofu
150g lean meat
2 red pepper
1 green pepper
How many shallots
A few garlic cloves
Proper raw extract
3 g salt
A spoonful of lejiake shrimp paste


Step 1
Main ingredients.

Step 2
Slice tofu, chop lean pork into minced meat, chop green and red pepper and onion and garlic.

Step 3
Minced meat is spread on tofu.

Step 4
Add salt and lejiake shrimp paste into the raw soy sauce and stir well.

Step 5
Pour seasoning into minced meat and tofu.

Step 6
Add green and red pepper and scallion garlic.

Step 7
Boil the water and steam for 8 minutes. Lejiake shrimp paste has a good taste. Cooking with it is more refreshing.