Both steamed preserved meat and lotus root are special dishes with Hubei flavor. The innovation of combining two into one enriches the shape of the dishes, and the tastes are also integrated with each other. As a new year’s dish, the meaning of steamed preserved meat and lotus root is also very auspicious: family reunion. Pick a piece of chewy bacon to leave a fragrance on your lips and teeth, and then let the tender lotus root round dissolve the difficulty of your teeth. One relaxation is the way of culture and martial arts, sweet and salty collocation, meat and vegetable collocation, soft and hard collocation is also the way of kitchen.


100g Bacon
100g pork
100g sausage
1 lotus root
1 piece of tofu


Step 1
Prepare the ingredients

Step 2
Take three fat and seven lean pork, add onion and ginger finely chopped into a velvet, add soy sauce, seafood sauce, five spice powder, sugar, salt into the meat, stir well

Step 3
Use a juicer to extract the peeled and washed lotus root juice. Pour the lotus root juice into the meat filling in several times. Stir thoroughly every time to make the meat filling smooth and sticky

Step 4
Pour the minced lotus root and bean curd into the meat stuffing, mix them evenly, divide them into the size of walnuts, beat them back and forth in your hand for about ten times to form a round ball and decorate them with medlar

Step 5
Steam the bacon and sausage for 30 minutes, take them out and cut them into thin slices. Place the bacon on the plate and make the sausage into a ring

Step 6
Put the lotus root round on the preserved meat

Step 7
According to their ability to withstand the spicy, sprinkle with chopped pepper, steamed on the cage for 20-30 minutes

Step 8
Sprinkle some scallion flowers or garlic sprouts after the pot