Sweet scented osmanthus and glutinous rice lotus root used to be made for us by my mother. After we got married, we asked my mother for advice after entering the kitchen. After learning bit by bit, we knew that it was filled with glutinous rice in the lotus root, carefully made with sugar sweet scented osmanthus and red dates. It tastes sweet, crisp and has a strong aroma of sweet scented osmanthus, which is very delicious


2 lotus roots
200g glutinous rice
20G rock sugar
5g sweet osmanthus
30g brown sugar
5 red dates


Step 1
Wash the glutinous rice and soak it in water for 2-3 hours

Step 2
Wash the lotus root, remove the skin, cut off two or three centimeters at one end of the lotus root with a knife, and leave it as a cover

Step 3
Fill the soaked glutinous rice into the lotus root and fill it with chopsticks

Step 4
After putting glutinous rice into the eyes of lotus root, cover the lotus root pedicle and seal it with toothpick.

Step 5
Take out the boiled glutinous rice lotus root and let it cool, then slice it for consumption