Sweet scented osmanthus glutinous rice lotus root, soft, waxy, tender, sweet, very delicious!


2 lotus roots
200g glutinous rice
50g rock sugar
50g brown sugar
Appropriate amount of red jujube


Step 1
Main ingredients: glutinous rice, lotus root

Step 2
Soak glutinous rice for 3-4 hours in advance, and the rice grains can be easily crushed by hand.

Step 3
The lotus root is washed without peeling. The lotus root is cut into a hat of about two centimeters from one end.

Step 4
With chopsticks to help, pour glutinous rice into the.

Step 5
After all filling, seal and fix the cut part with a toothpick.

Step 6
Ingredients for cooking lotus root: brown sugar, rock sugar and red jujube (brown sugar, rock sugar and red jujube, depending on the sweetness of personal preference)

Step 7
Put the filled lotus root into the pot, add water, and transfer brown sugar, rock sugar and red dates.

Step 8
Choose the soup making procedure. After the procedure, keep it warm for two or three hours´╝ł I used 2 soup making programs)

Step 9
Open it and pierce it easily with chopsticks without feeling much resistance´╝ł If you don't have to eat in a hurry, you can simmer it with the remaining soup)

Step 10
Take out the lotus root, remove the toothpick, cut it into thick pieces, and pour in some sugar osmanthus.

Step 11
Finished products. Soft waxy and sweet.