Today, I’ll bring you a refreshing dish [lotus root balls], which is very suitable for the elderly and children. It’s characterized by rich nutrition, waxy, soft and fragrant. Xiaoyun’s baby likes lotus root balls for the first time. They are sweet and delicious. The balls with lotus roots are not greasy.


200g pork stuffing
Section 1 lotus root
10g olive oil
3 g salt
1 ginger
1 onion
1 tablespoon oyster sauce
15g starch


Step 1
Add 10g ginger, 10g green onion and salt to the minced pork stuffing, add an appropriate amount of water and stir evenly, then add 3G olive oil and refined salt to taste

Step 2
Remove the skin of white lotus couple, wipe it into silk with an eraser and chop it

Step 3
Pour the coupling pieces into the meat filling and stir them in the same direction as the pork filling

Step 4
Grab about 40g of mixed lotus coupling pork stuffing with your hands and beat it into balls

Step 5
Put the balls on the plate

Step 6
Add an appropriate amount of water to the pot and bring to a boil. Place the whole plate of lotus Coupling balls on the pot drawer and steam over high heat for 15 minutes.

Step 7
Add a small amount of water or broth into another pot and bring to a boil. Add a little salt and oyster sauce to taste. Finally, pour in a little thin thicken and pour it on the balls

Step 8
Steamed balls are delicious~~~