Soy sauce and chili sauce are made by myself. When there are fresh soybeans and red peppers every autumn, I will make some chili sauce, which can be eaten for a year. Fried and steamed dishes are special appetizers. Just steam it with string beans. The soybean paste is particularly cooked and rotten, with the spicy flavor of chili sauce. In addition, I poured it out with hot rapeseed oil. It’s really delicious and appetizing. My friends, I’m afraid the string beans are not easy to fry well, so I’ll use the steam method. It’s especially simple and delicious.


400g green beans
20G homemade soybean chili sauce
Appropriate amount of vegetable oil
5g raw extract
1g chicken essence
A chive


Step 1
Ingredients: 400g green beans, two tablespoons of homemade soybean chili sauce, about 30g

Step 2
Remove the head and tail and tendons of the string beans, wash them several times, cut them or break them into sections by hand, so that they can be steamed and delicious. Wash and cut the scallions, and code the string beans in a deep plate or large bowl without adding salt, because I make soybean chili sauce, which is salty. I can add 10g raw soy sauce and chicken essence to improve the taste and color

Step 3
Add two tablespoons of soy sauce and chili sauce on the green beans.

Step 4
Put the plate into the steamer. My steamer is a zhenmi folding steamer. It can be folded when not in use, and it is full of steam. Without this pot, you can use an ordinary steamer, steamer, or rice cooker;

Step 5
When the time comes, be careful to scald it, because the electric steamer is too hot. Take it out and sprinkle it with chopped shallots and diced red pepper to increase your appetite.

Step 6
The hot pot cools the oil and rapeseed oil until it smokes. It's better to pour the hot oil into the end of chives. The green beans produced in this way are really easy and labor-saving, and the taste is super delicious. If you are a novice in the kitchen, you don't have to worry that the green beans are not cooked. Just steam them out in this way. Your family absolutely admire your cooking skills.