Suddenly, on a whim, I wanted to eat zongzi and soak a lot of glutinous rice. As a result, I wanted to make my hometown taste. Glutinous rice meatballs are in our big Hubei. I have to eat them during the new year’s festival or when I work at home. I think my friends who live together must not have eaten them and do it decisively


500g streaky pork
Appropriate amount of glutinous rice
5g ginger
4G scallion
An egg white
Proper amount of pepper
A spoonful of raw soy sauce
1 / 4 tablespoon sesame oil
Proper amount of raw meal


Step 1
It's best to soak glutinous rice for one night. I soaked it for more than 20 hours because I made zongzi

Step 2
There's just a piece of fat and thin meat in the fridge. Take it out and thaw it. It's not easy to chop if you don't thaw it completely

Step 3
Put the minced meat into a larger container

Step 4
Chop ginger into mince

Step 5
Congbai section is the same as above

Step 6
Put the chopped ginger and scallion into it, with an appropriate amount of salt, chicken powder, pepper and an egg white

Step 7
A little raw soy sauce and an appropriate amount of sesame oil

Step 8
Stir clockwise with chopsticks

Step 9
Finally, add an appropriate amount of raw flour and mix thoroughly to taste what is missing

Step 10
The broken leaves of zongzi were cut short and padded in the steamer drawer. Other lotus leaves, carrots and drawer cloth can be used

Step 11
Take the same amount of meat each time, beat it three or five times between your hands, and rub it gently into a circle

Step 12
Drain the glutinous rice and roll the rubbed meat balls

Step 13
Make the meatballs covered with glutinous rice

Step 14
Gently put the rubbed balls into the steamer, leaving a place in the middle

Step 15
I steamed it for about twenty minutes

Step 16
Steamed balls out of the pot

Step 17
Sprinkle a little scallion and a medlar. It's perfect

Step 18
A classmate's eyes lit up when he brought it to the table

Step 19
And made meat dumplings

Step 20
Live your own life, what should come is on the road