Garlic dish has always been my old man’s favorite. No matter what it is steamed, the Flammulina velutipes steamed this time, the old man told me how seafood tastes, and how the discussion was wrong. It turned out that the usual way is to steam shrimp and scallop, and he took garlic flavor as seafood flavor, ha ha···


1 fan
150g Flammulina velutipes
Appropriate amount of minced garlic
Appropriate amount of scallion
Right amount of pepper
Proper amount of soy sauce
Proper amount of oyster sauce
Moderate salt
Proper amount of oil


Step 1
The raw material is shown in the picture

Step 2
Soften the vermicelli with warm water and take them out. Cut them short with scissors

Step 3
Prepare minced garlic, scallion and pepper. Divide the minced garlic into two parts, one with a little salt

Step 4
Another portion of garlic is fried in oil over low heat to make crispy garlic

Step 5
Cut the vermicelli to the bottom of the plate, wash the Flammulina velutipes, cut off the head and spread them on the vermicelli

Step 6
Add garlic and pepper, oyster sauce and oil, mix well and pour on Flammulina velutipes

Step 7
Steam in the pan, steam for 5-7 minutes, then sprinkle garlic and scallion