Minced pepper fish head is also known as “good luck” and “a good start”. Its origin is related to Huang Zongxian, a famous scholar in Qing Dynasty. It is said that during the reign of Yongzheng in the Qing Dynasty, Huang Zongxian fled to a small village in Hunan Province to escape from the literary prison and live in a farmer’s home. The family was very poor and could not afford to buy vegetables. Fortunately, before dinner, the farmer’s son fished a river fish home. So, the hostess put salt in the fish to boil the soup, chopped the pepper and steamed with the fish head. Huang Zongxian felt that it was very delicious, and he was fond of fish head ever since. After the refuge, he asked his family chef to improve it, and it became today’s famous dish in Hunan, minced fish head with pepper. The “salty” and “spicy” of chopped chili peppers are added to the fish head, with a unique flavor. The dishes are bright red, delicious and tender. Fat but not greasy, soft and glutinous taste, delicious.


2200g (Hualien) fish head
250g chopped pepper
1 green onion
Half head garlic
50g ginger
30g cooking wine
25g oyster sauce
5g vinegar
5g salt
5g sugar
20G olive oil
Right amount of Zanthoxylum bungeanum
Right amount of star anise


Step 1
The head of the bought fish is washed clean (gills and other contents have been removed) and split vertically from the chin side to form two connected halves;

Step 2
Add 15 grams of cooking wine and 5 grams of salt into the pot, spread inside and outside, marinate for 30 minutes, and make it taste good at the beginning;

Step 3
Cut the scallion into sections, slice the ginger into the fish head, and continue to taste for 30 minutes;

Step 4
Cut garlic into minced garlic;

Step 5
Chop pepper into a large bowl, add garlic, and then add 15 grams of cooking wine and oyster sauce, vinegar, sugar, tune into flavor juice;

Step 6
Take a large plate and spread the fish head face up on it;

Step 7
Spread the chopped peppers on the fish head;

Step 8
Put it into the steaming oven, select the pure steaming function, set the temperature at 115 ℃ for 25 minutes;

Step 9
Take out the steamed fish head and sprinkle with scallion;

Step 10
Put olive oil into the frying pan, add pepper and star anise, fry them over low heat, and then pour them on the scallions while hot.