The days when pickled peppers and red peppers piled up in refrigerators finally reminded me of this dish that can solve a lot of hot peppers! Good food can’t be wasted! This dish has fresh pepper, pickled pepper and chili sauce. It’s really a home cooked dish!


Half (Baotou) fish head
3 red peppers
Half a bowl of pickled peppers
Half a garlic
Half a ginger
1 teaspoon homemade chili sauce
Appropriate amount of yellow rice wine
Proper amount of steamed fish and lobster sauce


Step 1
The green pepper in the picture is useless. In fact, it's good to add it. The other ingredients are chopped.

Step 2
Pickled pepper with garlic and ginger, red pepper with a spoonful of chili sauce and garlic and ginger, respectively( In fact, it's to make two-color fish head. Mr. Ke only bought half of the fish head, so he doesn't need to separate two colors. It's good to mix them together. Wash the fish, pad with ginger slices, marinate with yellow rice wine, steamed fish, Douchi and a little salt.

Step 3
Wait for the cold water to boil, chop the peppers, cover the fish and steam for 15 minutes( This fish is bigger, 15 minutes. Make sure to steam the fish with hot water. It's not fishy.)

Step 4
It's not spicy. It's really spicy and dizzy.