Minced pepper fish head is a very famous dish in Hunan. How can a girl in Hunan not learn how to make it? ha-ha. But as an office worker, how to make delicious food quickly and easily has always been my direction. Today’s fish head with chopped peppers tastes very good. One of the reasons is that I bought a very good bottle of chopped peppers with tea oil. It’s not just chopped peppers, but also Douchi and garlic seeds. I’ve eaten the fish head with chopped pepper made by the chef of the hotel. These two things are indispensable. Generally, I eat minced pepper fish head in a restaurant. After eating, I put cooked noodles in it. It’s very delicious with this soup. I don’t bother to do it at home, but I put fans at the bottom. The taste of this fan is also excellent.


1 fish head
100g fans
4 teaspoons chopped pepper
2 teaspoons salt
20G ginger
20G garlic


Step 1
I want to put some pickled fans on my plate

Step 2
Put in the cleaned fish head (apply appropriate amount of salt on the surface in advance for pickling)

Step 3
Add chopped pepper

Step 4
Add shredded ginger and garlic

Step 5
Steam for 15 minutes

Step 6
After steaming, sprinkle a little scallion, you can eat it