Beautiful dishes,


150g spinach
100g shrimp
3 eggs
1g salt
5g sesame oil
20ml steamed fish soy sauce


Step 1
Blanch spinach in a pot

Step 2
Cool too much, squeeze out the water, cut the powder and lay the bottom of the bowl for standby

Step 3
Add salt and cooking wine and marinate well

Step 4
Beat eggs into a bowl, add water and beat well

Step 5
Sift the egg

Step 6
Spread the plastic wrap, poke the air hole with a toothpick and steam for 10 minutes

Step 7
Add steamed fish, soy sauce, sesame oil and purified water in a bowl and mix well

Step 8
When the time is up, put the shrimps on the surface of the steamed egg and steam for another 3 minutes

Step 9
Finally, drizzle with seasoning juice