There are many ways to eat chestnut and pumpkin. Today, LeiBao will introduce to you its most original and simplest method – chestnut and pumpkin egg soup. The finished product tastes sweet, powdery and waxy! Eat the first bite of powder, the chestnut flavor is light, eat the second and third bite, the more you eat, the stronger the chestnut flavor is, like every bite is happy! No more nonsense. Let’s take a look at the specific practices!


1 chestnut pumpkin
2 eggs
Proper milk
Half a spoonful of salt


Step 1
First, clean the sediment on the skin of chestnut pumpkin, then cut it near the top, and take out the inner flesh of pumpkin for standby;

Step 2
Then knock the egg into the bowl, beat it evenly with chopsticks, pour in an appropriate amount of milk, and stir it evenly again;

Step 3
Filter the stirred egg liquid with a sieve, and then pour it into the pumpkin;

Step 4
Assemble the pumpkin into its original shape, and then steam it in a steamer over high heat for about 40 minutes;

Step 5
Open the lid and poke the chopsticks into the pumpkin meat without pressure;