Leek has the reputation of “the first dish in spring”. Family love to eat leeks, especially spring leeks. Because spring leeks are fresh, tender and delicious, and have the highest nutritional quality. Since March, I have been eating leeks for five times. I can’t get tired of eating them. This steamed dumpling with leek and egg stuffing is made of corn flour and wheat flour, which is more healthy. It has the effects of moistening intestines, detoxification, weight loss, lipid reduction and so on.


250g leek
160g eggs
150g wheat flour
200g corn flour
10ml sesame oil
3 g salt
5ml raw extract
50g sweet potato vermicelli
5g ginger


Step 1
Add wheat flour and corn flour in the basin

Step 2
Add yeast powder and dough to wake up

Step 3
Soak the vermicelli in cold water

Step 4
Pick and wash the leeks

Step 5
Let the scrambled eggs cool

Step 6
Chop the soaked vermicelli and ginger into a basin

Step 7
Chop the leeks

Step 8
Put leeks and eggs into a basin, add sesame oil, salt and soy sauce, and stir evenly as stuffing

Step 9
Wake up the dough and make it into a medium-sized flour agent to roll it into a thin steamed dumpling skin

Step 10
Add stuffing to the dumpling skin

Step 11
Knead the front and back pieces into steamed dumplings

Step 12
Add cold water to the steamer, steam the dumpling blank into the pot, and then steam it out of the pot. Generally, steam for 10 minutes