Dumplings are an essential part of the Spring Festival. Dumplings are not only delicious, but also repose people’s good wishes: the bell rings on New Year’s Eve. When it’s time to hand in the dumplings, cook the dumplings, which means “Jiaozi at a younger age”. Zi is “Zishi”, which is homonymous with “dumplings”, which means “happy reunion” and “good luck”. Eat dumplings on the first day of the new year to attract money and treasure.


30g quinoa
120g flour
10g corn starch
136 g water
20G fungus (water hair)
20G peas
20G corn
5g chives
5g eggs
10g olive oil
20G mushroom
2 g salt


Step 1
Soak quinoa in Wutai Mountain for two hours, cook for 10 minutes, and control dry

Step 2
Soak the fungus and chop it up. Boil peas soft, corn kernels soft, mushrooms soft, stir with olive oil and raw soy sauce until fragrant.

Step 3
Put all ingredients into a bowl, add salt, olive oil and a small amount of corn starch and mix well.

Step 4
Put the powder ingredients into a bowl and knead them with water

Step 5
After kneading the dough, place it for half an hour, divide it into small agents and roll it out.

Step 6
Take a skin, add stuffing and wrap it.

Step 7
Put the dumplings in the steamer. After the water boils, put it on and steam out for 10 minutes.