Just eating boiled corn is not very single. If you do this, milk fragrance will overflow and corn flavor will be strong. It is suitable for children!


4 fresh corn
80g corn flour
200g flour
50g milk powder
2 g yeast
10g butter
20G condensed milk
20G sugar
Moderate warm water
Several pieces of corn leaves


Step 1
The ingredients are ready

Step 2
First, live the flour, corn flour, milk powder and yeast with warm water, knead them into dough, cover them with plastic wrap and wake up

Step 3
Wake up to twice the original size, inside into a sponge

Step 4
Smash 2 corn with a wire wiper,

Step 5
Cut 2 corns into complete corn kernels with a knife

Step 6
Add the melted butter, condensed milk and sugar, and stir well

Step 7
Wake up the dough and take out the exhaust

Step 8
Divide into equal sized dosage forms

Step 9
Roll out the skin, thick in the middle and thin around

Step 10
Add 2 tablespoons of corn stuffing

Step 11
Pinch it like a big bun

Step 12
Twisted into strips, like corn

Step 13
Use a knife or thread to press out spaced slivers, like corn kernels

Step 14
Put cold water in the pot, spread corn leaves on the grate, put in the prepared corn, and boil for about 25 minutes