Steamed chicken is a delicious homemade dish. It is the simplest cooking method, and it is quite healthy. Steamed chicken can maintain the original flavor of the food to the greatest extent and avoid the pain of oil smoke. As long as you do it, you don’t need any cooking skills. Everyone will learn to cook it.


550G grass chicken
4 g salt
A little shallot
5 ml Baijiu
3 ginger slices


Step 1
Wash the chicken and drain

Step 2
Prepare ginger slices and shallots

Step 3
Evenly spread the Baijiu with white spirit.

Step 4
Apply 4 grams of salt evenly on both sides

Step 5
Then use a knife to evenly cut 3 knives, so as to make the chicken more delicious and marinate for half an hour

Step 6
First put the onion and ginger slices into the bottom of the bowl

Step 7
Put the chicken on

Step 8
Cover and steam over high heat for 1 hour

Step 9
Steam out a lot of chicken soup

Step 10
Sprinkle some scallions on the table