Steamed chicken – a classic Cantonese dish. Crispy Cordyceps flowers and tender black fungus absorb the essence of chicken and become very tasty.


4 portions of 1 chicken
120g Cordyceps flower
5g fungus
2 g salt
1 red date
1 small piece of ginger
10 wolfberries
4G oyster sauce
4 g Shenghua
2G raw meal


Step 1
Prepare the materials and soak the fungus half an hour in advance

Step 2
Wash 4 portions of 1 chicken and remove the fat

Step 3
Chop into pieces, mix in an appropriate amount of salt, cornflour, oil consumption, soy sauce and salt

Step 4
Add shredded ginger, shredded red jujube and wolfberry and mix well

Step 5
Add the black fungus that has been washed and chopped slightly, and fresh wormwood flowers. Mix well

Step 6
Boil the water and steam

Step 7
Steam for about 12 minutes