Cantonese morning tea


12 chicken feet
1 tsp oyster sauce
2 tablespoons black bean sauce
1 tablespoon raw soy sauce
1 tablespoon peanut butter
1 tsp Sha Cha sauce
1 tablespoon purple gold sauce
1 tsp seafood sauce
1 tsp raw meal
1 / 3 green peppers
1 / 3 red peppers


Step 1
Cut off the nails of the chicken feet

Step 2
Bring to a boil in cold water for 8-10 minutes

Step 3
The advantage of cold water pot is to boil all the blood and water in the chicken feet slowly and take them out after cooking

Step 4
Spread the fished chicken feet on the tin coated baking net

Step 5
Bake until there is no moisture and the skin is dry (this step is very important and cannot be omitted)

Step 6
Heat the oil in the pot, pour in the chicken feet and cover the lid (to prevent oil splashing)

Step 7
Pour the fried chicken feet into cold water and soak until the tiger skin

Step 8
Bubble to as shown in the figure

Step 9
Add all the sauces into the chicken feet in turn, add black bean sauce and raw powder, and mix well

Step 10
Cut the green and red peppers and put them on the yard

Step 11
Steam for 25 minutes

Step 12
Delicious out of the pot