Carrot is the most common vegetable ingredient in life, especially in our northwest Xinjiang, it is inseparable from carrots all year round. Carrots should be added to make pilaf, stewed mutton, roasted steamed buns and mutton dumplings. Carrots can’t be separated from mutton. Carrots are rich in vitamins, especially in cold winter. Eating more carrots can play a good role in supplementing water to our body. Moreover, carrots are cooked in a variety of ways. Whether it is used to stew soup or stir fry it directly, the carrots taste particularly delicious. Among the many carrot making methods, I don’t know which method of carrots do my friends prefer?


Two carrots
Proper amount of clarifying powder
Proper amount of sugar


Step 1
Main ingredients: two carrots, appropriate amount of Chengfen

Step 2
To prepare fresh carrots, you need to wash them, cut off the skin of the carrots with a scraper, and then cut the carrots into thin slices

Step 3
Add cold water to the steamer. Add the loaded carrot slices into the steamer. Steam over high heat for about 20 minutes. It must be cooked thoroughly

Step 4
When you take it out, you can press it into mud with a spoon or beat it into juice with a cooking machine. It's more delicate and smooth

Step 5
Then add 40 grams of sugar to the carrot puree and stir it with a spoon

Step 6
Add Chengfen and stir it evenly with chopsticks until Chengfen is stirred into cotton wadding.

Step 7
Knead the mixed Chengfen mud by hand. The longer the kneading time, the better. In this way, the more smooth the carrot balls will be. It is advisable to mix the dough into smooth dough without touching your hands.

Step 8
Pull out a small piece of dough by hand, then rub it back and forth into small balls, brush the plate with a layer of vegetable oil (so it is not easy to stick), and put carrot balls on it

Step 9
Bring the steamer to a boil with cold water and add carrot balls to the plate

Step 10
Steam over high heat for about 20 minutes because the carrots are well cooked

Step 11
When the carrot balls are steamed to twice the original size, turn off the fire. Then don't worry about taking the carrot balls out of the steamer, but cover them and let them simmer for another three or five minutes. Then open the cover and take them out of the steamer and put them on a plate. Each one looks yellow and bright, and the taste is unique. Especially for people who like sweets, such a delicious food will be your favorite.