If you don’t eat it in winter, you’ll lose money. It’s cheaper than cabbage and more nutritious than ginseng. It’s made into snacks, which the whole family loves


Shrimp skin
Rice noodles


Step 1
Prepare the materials: 1 radish, 1 sausage, 1 shrimp skin. My radish is about 500g.

Step 2
First wash the radish, peel it, rub it into silk, and then marinate it with a little salt.

Step 3
Next, wash the sausage and cut it into small grains. Rinse the shrimp skin.

Step 4
Take a pot, pour in an appropriate amount of oil, put shredded radish into the pot and fry.

Step 5
Then put the sausages and shrimps cut into small grains together, stir fry evenly, turn off the fire and put them out.

Step 6
Put 200 grams of rice flour into a bowl and add about 200 grams of water. Don't add all the water at once.

Step 7
Stir into a paste, put the pickled shredded radish, shrimp skin and pepper into the rice flour paste, add some chopped chives and stir well.

Step 8
Then pour the mixed radish paste into the container. If you are afraid of sticking, you can first smear a layer of oil in the container, put it into the steamer, boil it over high fire, steam it for about 20 minutes, insert it with chopsticks or bamboo sticks, and the rice paste will be cooked without adhesion.

Step 9
Sprinkle shallots before coming out of the pot, cool and cut into pieces. Salty, fresh, soft and waxy. It's very delicious. You can slice it and fry it in oil before eating.