I’ve been very busy recently. Today I finally have time to make a good breakfast for my family. A mouthful of happiness. This time, the low gluten flour is used to make Chinese style bread. It’s softer than cotton, and the bread is better than that of teahouse. Very suitable for Cantonese taste. You can also use high gluten flour to make it more resilient.


300g low gluten flour
160 g water
2 g yeast (dry)
10 g Sugar
100g cabbage
100g carrot
100g pork stuffing
20G Auricularia auricula (Shuifa)
A little cooking oil
Moderate salt
Proper amount of soy sauce
Appropriate amount of green onion


Step 1
First, put the yeast into the water and mix evenly. First, mix the sugar and flour, and then add the yeast water.

Step 2
Make a smooth dough. Cover with plastic wrap or wet cloth and ferment to twice the size in a warm place.

Step 3
During the preparation of stuffing, carrot peeled and sliced, water hair fungus bubble hair cut, cabbage cut. Minced pork. Marinate with salt and soy sauce for a while.

Step 4
Pour proper amount of oil and salt into the pot. Except for the pork stuffing, pour all the ingredients into the pot and stir fry until the vegetables are slightly soft. Then turn off the heat. It's easy to operate when packing.

Step 5
Add the pork stuffing, stir well and set aside.

Step 6
Dip your fingers in a little flour and poke a hole in the surface of the dough. If it doesn't collapse or retract, it means the dough is ready.

Step 7
Exhaust, split into small balls. Size is optional.

Step 8
Paste a little flour on the plate, flatten one side and roll it into a thick dough with thin edge. Each piece of dough should be stacked together with an appropriate amount of flour to prevent sticking.

Step 9
Take a piece of dough and add some stuffing.

Step 10
Fold from one side.

Step 11
Shut up. Just do it a few more times.

Step 12
Put oil paper on the bottom. Wake up for 10 minutes, steam in cold water, steam for 15 minutes, turn off the heat and simmer for 2 minutes. Quickly remove the lid of the pot to prevent water dripping on the bun.