Steamed bread with purple potato and green tea


150g purple sweet potato
15g green tea powder
800g whole wheat flour
8g yeast powder


Step 1
Wash, steam and peel the purple potatoes.

Step 2
The yeast powder is dissolved with proper amount of water.

Step 3
Remove half the flour and put it in a bowl.

Step 4
Put in the purple potatoes.

Step 5
Add yeast and water to make dough.

Step 6
Cover with wet cloth, cover.

Step 7
Add green tea powder to the other half of the flour.

Step 8
Add yeast and proper amount of water and knead into dough.

Step 9
Put on the wet cloth cover.

Step 10
Put two kinds of dough in a warm place to wake up naturally.

Step 11
Good purple potato dough.

Step 12
Good green tea dough.

Step 13
Take out the purple sweet potato dough, knead the dough thoroughly and exhaust.

Step 14
Take out the green tea dough, knead the dough thoroughly and exhaust.

Step 15
Roll the green tea dough into 5mm thick dough.

Step 16
Roll the purple potato dough into 5mm thick dough.

Step 17
Fold the two kinds of dough together and dry them with a rolling pin.

Step 18
Trim the edge of the dough with a knife.

Step 19
Roll up along one end as tight as possible.

Step 20
Use a knife to take one dose every 4 cm.

Step 21
Put the steamed bread embryo on the curtain.

Step 22
Cover the towel and wake up for 10 minutes.

Step 23
Add proper amount of water to the steamer, put in the steamed bread, cover it with cold water, steam over high heat for 18 minutes, then steam over low heat for 5 minutes.