I made a lovely little mushroom steamed bread, like white mushroom on the grassland. It tastes very interesting.


500g flour
310 g water
5g yeast
20G sugar
2 g salt


Step 1
Melt the yeast with warm water

Step 2
Put salt and sugar into the flour, slowly pour in yeast water and mix into flocculent form

Step 3
Knead into smooth dough, cover tightly and put it in a warm place

Step 4
The dough ferments twice as large

Step 5
Remove the dough and knead it

Step 6
Take half of the dough and divide it into small preparations. Rub the cakes round, about 40g each

Step 7
Use your index finger fire to find a small tool and poke a round hole in each small dosage

Step 8
The other half of the dough is rubbed into strips and divided into small cylindrical shapes about 2 cm thick and thin, similar to the size of the small holes in the round dosage form

Step 9
Cylindrical strip, stained with water and installed in the small nest poked by round medicine

Step 10
Put it into the steamer for 20 minutes, steam it for about 15 minutes, stew it for about 3 minutes, and then boil it