Boneless and delicious


500g hairtail
500g beancurd
500g sauerkraut
6G scallion
6 g ginger
500g bamboo shoots
5 Kedong ancient light salt yipinxian
5g ganzhiyuan bicarbonate sugar
5g water
50g cooking wine


Step 1
Rotten bamboo in half

Step 2
Slice the bamboo shoots into small slices and set aside

Step 3
Sauerkraut half stem and half leaf

Step 4
Cut hairtail into large pieces

Step 5

Step 6
Marinate with salt cooking wine

Step 7
Put the dried beancurd in the middle of the hairtail as a bone

Step 8
Sauteed with snow vegetables

Step 9
Add sweet juice garden bicarbonate sugar

Step 10
Steam in a pot

Step 11
Make soup with Donggu light salt

Step 12
Pour it on the steamed fish

Step 13