On that day, there was some stuffing left in the steamed stuffed bun for making black fungus meat stuffing. It happened that there was half of the balsam pear left in the refrigerator for cooking soup, so I made this brewed balsam pear, which was very delicious.


Half bitter gourd
200g pork
100g black fungus
5g raw powder


Step 1
Rinse the bitter gourd, turn it around with a knife, and dig out the seeds and ladles

Step 2
Cut into a slightly thick bitter gourd ring

Step 3
Boil a pot of water, put salt and vegetable oil in the water, boil and add balsam pear

Step 4
Blanch, see balsam pear color green can be fished out, supercooled water

Step 5
Wipe the balsam pear ring dry and put the flour on the inner ring

Step 6
Mince black fungus and pork, mix them with salt and raw ingredients to make meat stuffing, and put them on a plate

Step 7
Boil a pot of water, boil the water in the pot, put the brewed balsam pear into the pot, steam over high heat for 12 minutes

Step 8
Pour the juice from the plate of steamed balsam pear into the pot, add appropriate amount of vegetable oil, oyster sauce and water starch, mix into a thin thicken, and pour it on the fermented balsam pear