Abalone is one of the precious “Sea Treasures”. It tastes delicious and nutritious. It is known as the “soft gold” of the sea. Abalone is a precious marine edible shellfish, known as “the gold of the table and the crown of Sea Treasures”, with delicate meat and rich nutrition.


4 abalone
A little green onion
A little pepper
2 slices of garlic
3 tablespoons peanut oil


Step 1
Wash abalone, put it on a plate and steam for 8 ~ 10 minutes

Step 2
Pour oil and saute minced garlic.

Step 3
Chopped shallots.

Step 4
Steam well and sprinkle with minced garlic to ensure that each is evenly applied

Step 5
Add scallions and keep it stuffy for about 2 minutes

Step 6
Sweet and delicious, one by one, satisfied.