There will always be a fish on the dinner table, which means “more than every year”. Let’s have a fish dish with long focus. The famous dish in the south of the Yangtze River is “squirrel mandarin fish”. The first time I learned to be a squirrel mandarin fish, the fish was wrapped in too little starch, so it was not fried crisp enough! It tastes good!


1 mandarin fish
50g miscellaneous vegetables
10ml cooking wine
5 ml ginger juice
A little salt
A little pepper
30g tomato sauce
10g seafood sauce
15g granulated sugar
5g balsamic vinegar
2 garlic cloves
Appropriate amount of starch
Appropriate amount of salad oil


Step 1
Clean the mandarin fish you bought back

Step 2
Press the fish body with a rag in one hand and cut off the fish head

Step 3
Press and hold the fish body with one hand, open the fish meat close to the bone with a sharp knife, pay attention not to disconnect the tail here, turn over and then slice another piece of fish meat, and then slice off the barbed meat in the fish belly

Step 4
Cut the two pieces of fish with the skin facing down. First straight, then oblique, until the skin forms a diamond knife pattern

Step 5
Spread cooking wine, ginger juice, pepper and salt on the fish head and meat respectively

Step 6
Then roll on the dry starch and shake off the remaining powder with the fish tail

Step 7
Heat the oil in the frying pan over a high fire. When it is 80% hot, first hold the fish by hand, and pour the hot oil in the pan on the fish from top to bottom. Then take two pieces of shark fin and fish tail, put them into the oil pan and fry slightly

Step 8
Then put all the fish into the oil pan and fry the fish head into the oil pan until golden yellow

Step 9
Deep fry until golden brown, remove and place on a plate

Step 10
Put ketchup into a bowl, add seafood sauce, salt, sugar, vinegar and an appropriate amount of soup or water to mix into a sauce

Step 11
Leave a little oil in the pot and stir fry minced garlic

Step 12
Pour in the sauce

Step 13
Then add boiled miscellaneous vegetables and wet starch to thicken

Step 14
Pour the juice on the fish