Because I often go to Harbin for work, I always come back to make food for my friends every time I eat. I hope to bring the northeast food to my friends! But because we don’t have many ingredients in the south, limited to the existing ingredients in the South and everyone’s tastes and hobbies, my spring cakes are more southern!


250g flour
Moderate warm water
3 red peppers
3 green peppers
500g pork (fat and lean)
1 eggplant (purple skin, round)
1 onion
15g oil
5g salt
6 g raw extract
10g cotton sugar


Step 1
Knead the noodles into dough with an appropriate amount of warm boiled water and flour

Step 2
Knead the dough into strips and divide it into small dough pieces

Step 3
The thinner the dough, the better

Step 4
Roll out the dough, put a little oil into the non stick pan and fry it. The oil must be less. When it bubbles on the front, fry it in reverse

Step 5
First use raw soy sauce, salt and raw powder to paste shredded pork for half an hour. Put shredded red pepper, green pepper and onion into the pot and fry them. After the smell comes out, pour the shredded pork with sauce into the pot and fry it. Add some sugar and get out of the pot. The time can't be long, otherwise the shredded pork will be old

Step 6
Pour oil into the pot, stir fry shredded pepper in the pot to make it fragrant, then pour eggplant, add salt and sugar in turn, and pour a little raw soy sauce

Step 7
Then there's the delicious food