Pregnant women’s food.


Right amount of spinach
Two groups of fans
Appropriate amount of vinegar
Moderate amount of weidamei
Moderate old smoke
Proper oyster sauce
Proper amount of sugar


Step 1
First fry the spinach with hot water, drain the water, and use cold water for standby.

Step 2
Two groups of Longkou vermicelli, boiled in the same hot water, can be cut short and easy to eat. Put it in spinach.

Step 3
Mix vinegar, weidamei, soy sauce, oyster sauce and sugar well. It tastes better to add mustard and garlic. It can't be put because it's pregnant, but it can be increased or decreased according to your personal taste.

Step 4
Pour the seasoning into the dish, mix well, and increase the seasoning according to your taste.