Brunch is popular on microblog. I, a procrastinating housewife, also catch up with the trend. Lunch + dinner will be solved together and have a late lunch. While thulium is not at home, I bought a green spinach. When I go home, I shred spinach, carrots and bean skins and blanch them. I add minced garlic and pepper and pour them with hot oil. In less than 3 minutes, I can finish a refreshing cold dish with boiled glutinous mung bean porridge. A simple meal can relieve the summer heat and be comfortable.


300g spinach
100g bean skin
1 / 2 carrot
6 cloves garlic
5 red peppers
Proper amount of white sesame
20 pepper
20G balsamic vinegar
8g soy sauce
3 g salt
Proper peanut oil


Step 1
Rinse and shred the bean skin, boil a pot of water, scald the bean skin for 1 minute, and then remove it to control the water

Step 2
Peel and shred carrot, blanch in hot water for half a minute, remove and control water

Step 3
Choose spinach, wash and cut into inch sections. Blanch it in a soup pot and dry it

Step 4
Garlic thin skin cut into pieces, dry pepper wash, wipe dry, cut into sections

Step 5
Put the processed bean skin, shredded carrot and spinach into a large cooking basin, and put the minced garlic and pepper sections on the top

Step 6
Put a little more peanut oil in the pan, stir the pepper over a low fire, pick it out, and then turn to medium fire to burn the peanut oil until it smokes and turn off the fire

Step 7
Pour the hot pepper oil on the garlic and pepper sections while it is hot

Step 8
Mix in salt, soy sauce, vinegar and an appropriate amount of white sesame. Mix well and serve