At first, I didn’t adapt to the cold dishes in Northeast China. When I eat them, I will make my stomach! The stomach of “rice bucket” is still very “delicate”!


250g spinach
Half a carrot
2 eggs
A small bundle of Longkou vermicelli
5g water (egg skin)
2G starch (egg skin)
3 cloves minced garlic
A spoonful of rice vinegar
Proper amount of salt
A little sugar
Half a teaspoon sesame oil
A little cooked white sesame


Step 1
For two eggs, add the water and starch in the auxiliary materials to make the egg skin. Any starch can be used without salt. Stir evenly.

Step 2
Heat the oil in the hot pot, pour the egg liquid in, turn the pot over a small heat, and let the egg liquid spread evenly at the bottom of the pot. Slowly wait until the surface is almost solidified. Turn over and fry it a little, then come out of the pot and cut small strips. Let it cool and set aside.

Step 3
Shred carrots (wipe silk). After the water boils, put some salt in the water, scald the shredded carrots for five or six seconds, and when they are soft, take out the cold water and drain the water.

Step 4
Remove the head of spinach, wash it, soak it in salt water for about five minutes, and drain the water. The whole root is scalded with hot carrot water and then scalded. Scalding the spinach is also to take out the cold water and dry the water. Cut into segments about the length of carrots.

Step 5
Soak the vermicelli soft, cut them short with scissors, and then scald them with spinach hot water. The vermicelli must be scalded for a few seconds. They basically come out as soon as they enter the pot, quickly soak them in cold water, and when to mix cold vegetables and when to fish them out.

Step 6
Mix the minced garlic, salt, sugar, white vinegar and sesame oil. If you like spicy, you can put some chili oil or millet pepper ring. (the proportion is mainly based on the tastes of the customers. If you like the one, put it more, that is, don't release raw pumping, fuel consumption, aged vinegar, etc., which will seriously affect the "appearance" of the finished product.)

Step 7
Pour all the above processed ingredients together, sprinkle a little cooked white sesame, pour in the mixed garlic juice, stir evenly, plate and eat.