Yesterday, there were many guests at home. There were too many meat dishes. Today, I still feel greasy. I can’t afford to eat lunch. I just make noodles.


3 eggs
1 handful of spinach
1 pepper
1 small scallion
Appropriate amount of big sauce
Proper amount of food oil


Step 1
Prepare the ingredients, wash the spinach, and press the noodles yourself (or buy ready-made noodles, even if there is no noodles)

Step 2
Sliced spinach

Step 3
Cut scallions, chopped peppers and eggs

Step 4
Heat the pot with vegetable oil. When smoking, pour in the egg liquid and spread it into egg pieces

Step 5
Add scallion and pepper and stir fry until the pepper is spicy

Step 6
Add water and big sauce (the amount of sauce is increased or decreased according to personal taste, and there is no need to add salt to add sauce)

Step 7
Bring to a boil over high heat and medium heat until the sauce is a little thick

Step 8
Boil the noodles after boiling the water in the pot. Boil the noodles in cold water twice in three times. Put spinach in the last boil. Finally, according to your personal preference, you can directly pick the noodles in the pot or cross the water. When eating, pour brine directly and mix well