Summer is hot and has no appetite. Natural and refreshing cold dishes have become a favorite on the table, which is appetizer and meal, and the practice is not difficult


100g jelly
100g spinach
10g garlic mud water
10g raw soy sauce
5g chili oil
2G pepper oil
1g sesame oil


Step 1
The ingredients are ready

Step 2
Wash spinach and cut into sections

Step 3
First put the spinach stick into boiling water and scald it

Step 4
Then blanch the leaves and remove

Step 5
Remove the cooler for standby

Step 6
Cut the jelly into thin strips

Step 7
Prepare garlic mud water, raw soy sauce, chili oil, pepper oil and sesame oil

Step 8
Put the spinach on the plate

Step 9
Put on the cut jelly

Step 10
It's OK to pour seasoning on it. Put some vinegar to have a different flavor