The small cold dish ordered in the noodle shop tastes good. I haven’t eaten it like this before. When I see gluten in the supermarket, I think of this small dish. To be simple, it tastes more like cold skin, so you can also make this dish according to the mix of cold skin. Anyway, you can put whatever you like, healthy, delicious and low calorie!


A handful of spinach
300g gluten
A handful of shallots
3 cloves garlic
Proper amount of white sesame
Proper chili noodles
A tablespoon of aged vinegar
Three tablespoons of raw soy sauce
Proper amount of salt
Half a spoonful of sugar
Three tablespoons peanut oil


Step 1
The whole piece of gluten bought is boiled for one minute, mainly for sterilization. After taking it out, squeeze the water clean.

Step 2
Prepare to blanch spinach, add water and a spoonful of salt in the pot to slow down the loss of vitamins in spinach.

Step 3
Remove the spinach roots and scald for 15 seconds. Remove the discolored spinach immediately.

Step 4
Take it out directly and cool it in cold boiled water.

Step 5
Squeeze the water clean.

Step 6
Cut the gluten into one centimeter thick pieces, the size as you like.

Step 7
Minced scallions and garlic, and prepare the raw white sesame.

Step 8
Put an appropriate amount of oil in the pot and heat it over a high fire.

Step 9
Add chopped scallion, garlic and sesame and stir fry until the aroma wafts out. Turn off the fire immediately.

Step 10
After turning off the fire, add chili noodles (hot oil should be poured on the chili noodles. In order to save trouble, put it directly into the pot, turn off the fire and then put it to prevent paste).

Step 11
Put sugar.

Step 12
Mix well with oil temperature.

Step 13
Put in raw soy sauce.

Step 14
Add aged vinegar.

Step 15
Add the main ingredients and mix well. Turn on the low heat until the juice boils. Turn off the heat and get out of the pot.