The family agreed that they couldn’t stand the spicy ingredients, but the food was still acceptable. Sometimes, in order to take care of them, they can only reduce the degree of spicy and make it slightly spicy. They love to eat and are willing to accept it. This slightly spicy vegetable dish is appetizing and not greasy. It’s rare to eat nothing left.


100g lotus root
100g potatoes
100g Dutch beans
1 celery
2 g salt
10g spicy pot seasoning
Proper oil
A little water
A little chicken powder
4 tofu bubbles


Step 1
Prepare the ingredients and spicy pot seasoning

Step 2
Peel and wash the lotus root and potato respectively, slice and soak for a moment, remove and drain the water, remove the old tendons from the Dutch beans and wash them. Wash celery and cut into sections. Cut bean curd in half

Step 3
In a hot pot, put an appropriate amount of oil, pour in Dutch beans and lotus root slices, and stir fry celery

Step 4
Pour in potato chips and stir fry evenly

Step 5
Pour in tofu foam, add an appropriate amount of water, stir fry until the water volatilizes

Step 6
Add spicy pot seasoning, which does not need to be added in a package. Add it according to the amount and acceptable spicy degree

Step 7
Add salt, chicken powder and stir fry evenly