Spicy tofu is a deformed dish. I feel that it is the base of Mapo Tofu and the essence of Douban fish. There are many ways to do it. This is my own way, and it tastes good.


Two crucian carp
400g South tofu
3 g salt
15g soy sauce
1 scallion
1 piece of ginger
4 cloved garlic
3 G pepper
5g dry pepper
15g sweet flour sauce
40g Pixian bean paste
20G mash
10 grams of sugar
15g yellow rice wine
Proper amount of vegetable oil
2 g pepper powder


Step 1
Crucian carp flower knife, do not have to be too deep, scratch the skin can be, if too deep burning time easy to break, fish body a little bit of yellow rice wine

Step 2
Soak the dried peppers in warm water, remove the seeds, then thin them with bean paste and 3 grams of Chinese prickly ash. Cut the onion and ginger finely and set aside

Step 3
Cut the beancurd into two centimeter square pieces, blanch for one minute in the boiling water pot, let the water boil slightly (don't fire, it will make the tofu aging), then put a little salt to keep the tenderness, don't take it out first, soak in it

Step 4
Fire a hot pan, pour a little oil, 80% hot, put the fish in, fry on both sides, and root out the golden yellow (fry the fish with ginger to wipe the bottom of the pan, and then use the oil in advance, it won't stick to the pan)

Step 5
Do not fry fish oil, pour new oil, oil a little larger, low heat warm oil, first stir chopped chili sauce, stir until crisp fragrant spit oil

Step 6
Then put onion, ginger and garlic powder to stir up the aroma. Stir fry this over medium heat

Step 7
Open the fire, put soy sauce, yellow rice wine, burst out the aroma

Step 8
Add hot water, put sugar, salt, mash and sweet sauce to boil. Add a little more water, because fish and tofu are cooked in the soup at the same time

Step 9
Put the deep fried fish in the soup and boil for 5 minutes. If you can turn over, you'd better turn over

Step 10
Take the bean curd out of the boiling water, control the water a little, put it into the pot and cook it with the fish, try to make the bean curd completely into the soup, cook for about five minutes, first put the fish on the plate, then cook the bean curd for three minutes on medium heat, thicken it when the soup is reduced, pour the bean curd and the soup on the fish, and finally sprinkle the pepper powder and scallion