It’s time for the Spring Festival. Every household has to buy new year’s goods and prepare some pickled products, chicken, duck and fish in advance. In addition to preparing a rich new year’s Eve meal, they can also meet the unexpected needs of visitors in the past few days of the new year.


1250g pork elbow
10 g salt
50 ml cooking wine
15g chili sauce
20 ml South milk
10 g ginger
15g chives
5 g star anise
5g cinnamon
5g fragrant leaves
1 Siraitia grosvenorii
20G dry pepper
20G Monascus rice
1500 ml soup
15 ml vegetable oil
15g chili powder
20G beef sauce
4 grams of thirteen spices
15 grams of raw tobacco
6 g refined salt
10g red oil


Step 1
Raw material diagram of sauce pork elbow

Step 2
Wash the dried pepper with water and set aside

Step 3
Red koji rice is wrapped in gauze or tea bag

Step 4
Wash the fresh pig's elbow, blanch and set aside

Step 5
Take a casserole, pad bamboo mat or steamer paper, and put in pig elbow

Step 6
Then add refined salt, cooking wine, Guilin chili sauce, nanru milk, spices, ginger, scallion, dried chili and packed red koji rice, and then add fresh soup (the fresh soup should be less than pig's elbow)

Step 7
Bring to a boil, skim off the foam and simmer over low heat

Step 8
Simmer until the elbows are soft but not rotten. Remove when the color is red and bright

Step 9
After cooling, remove the bone and slice

Step 10
Condiments for saucers

Step 11
Put the frying pan on low heat, add vegetable oil, add chili powder and stir fry until fragrant

Step 12
After turning off the heat, add fresh soup, a Xiangpo beef sauce, thirteen spices, refined salt, soy sauce and red oil to make a spicy sauce

Step 13
Put the spicy sauce on the saucer and dip the pork elbow on the table.