Spicy maoxuewang, spicy delicious, simple, affordable, important delicious, many stars are scrambling to eat.


500 grams of duck blood
200 grams of radish
200 grams of bean sprouts
3 ml peanut oil
Three grams of salt
5 grams of dry pepper
20 grams of bean paste
20 grams of chives


Step 1
Ingredients: duck blood, bean sprouts, white radish, chive, pepper, bean paste, etc;

Step 2
Peel and shred the radish, root the bean sprouts, wash and chop the pepper.

Step 3
Boil with water, cut the duck blood into pieces and blanch it in a pot;

Step 4
Hot pot, pour oil, of course, Douban sauce, pepper stir fry flavor, add water to boil;

Step 5
Put in bean sprouts and rose;

Step 6
Then add the boiled duck blood;

Step 7
Put salt and sprinkle with scallion