On such a cold day, let’s eat hot pot together.


100g bean paste
20G dry pepper
15g pepper
20G garlic
20G ginger
20G scallion
2 pieces of Jiale soup (old mother chicken soup)
1500 ml water
1 potato
1 lotus root
200g lettuce
280 g Pleurotus ostreatus
270 grams ham sausage
3 lettuce tips


Step 1
Hot pot soup base materials: dry pepper, Chinese prickly ash, garlic, ginger, scallion, bean paste, Jiale laomu chicken soup, strong Tang Bao

Step 2
Peel garlic, smash with the back of a knife, peel ginger and slice, and cut scallion into sections

Step 3
Ingredients: potato, lotus root, lettuce, Pleurotus ostreatus, ham sausage, lettuce tip

Step 4
Peel and slice lotus root and potato, soak in water

Step 5
Wash mushrooms and tear them in half

Step 6
Slice the ham sausage, peel the lettuce and cut it into small sections. Clean the tip of the lettuce and break it into two sections

Step 7
Heat up the oil in the pan, and saute the dried pepper, Chinese prickly ash and fragrant garlic

Step 8
Then put the bean paste into the pot and stir fry out the red oil

Step 9
Then add six bowls of water

Step 10
Add scallion, two old mother chicken soup taste of soup treasure

Step 11
Make fun of