My taste is known to people who often read my menu


A carp
A piece of tender tofu
Proper amount of Flammulina velutipes
A small bowl of hot pot seasoning
Half a spoonful
Three tablespoons bean paste
A spoonful of fresh chicken juice
Half an onion
Two green peppers
Proper amount of dry pepper
More than twenty pepper
Two bottles of beer
Appropriate amount of coriander


Step 1
Prepare a carp or a bigger crucian carp

Step 2
When you come back, continue to wash the scales thoroughly

Step 3
Because it's a flat pan version, the fish is too big to put in when frying

Step 4
Pickle now, a little cooking wine, pepper, cumin powder, five spice powder,

Step 5
On the contrary, continue to sprinkle some and wipe them all evenly

Step 6
When we pickle, we start making other ingredients. We'll make the ingredients at the bottom of the soup later

Step 7
Heat the pan and pour the oil

Step 8
Fry one side until it's good, then turn it over and continue to fry until it's fine. You see, my fish skin hasn't broken at all, has it

Step 9
Put a little oil, garlic, ginger and pepper into the frying pan. It's hot and fragrant

Step 10
Then there is the dried pepper. Throw the green pepper section in and continue to explode

Step 11
Pour in the hot pot bottom and stir fry a few times

Step 12
The most important thing is coming. Throw three tablespoons of bean paste in

Step 13
Stir fry the red oil over a low fire. Don't paste the bottom of the pot over a high fire. Anyway, my family basically doesn't stick to the pot

Step 14
This dish is better stewed with beer than boiled water

Step 15
Add a spoonful of half raw soy sauce to the bottom of the soup

Step 16
A spoonful of fresh chicken juice is enough without chicken powder

Step 17
Fortunately, the dry pot I bought is big enough to prepare these dishes

Step 18
Put the Flammulina velutipes in and set it up

Step 19
The best fried food must be carefully put in

Step 20
Stuffed with tofu and Flammulina velutipes around the fish

Step 21
You can scoop in some of the stewed soup just now. If you want to take pictures, it is recommended not to get the soup residue in first

Step 22
Heat a little oil in the pot until it smokes

Step 23
Then he poured it on the fish and heard the smell all over the room

Step 24
HMM, it's not very difficult, is it? It's actually very simple, but I wrote it in detail, so you don't have any difficulty in doing it

Step 25
Wow, take a recent photo to tempt you

Step 26
The main ingredient of this dish is bean paste, which is made by our family

Step 27
You can finish the fish first and then add soup. Just like hot pot, it is very suitable for this cold winter

Step 28
Love all the warmth in the world