Cantonese food is delicious, spicy fried sweet potato powder. Sweet potato powder is nutritious and healthy, rich in dietary fiber, q-bomb and chewy. There is an endless stream of diners at night snack and food stalls. Fried noodles, fried sweet potato powder and fried snails are the most popular night snack.


150g sweet potato powder
200g cabbage
1 red pepper
5 ml peanut oil
3 g salt
2ml soy sauce
10g chives


Step 1
Prepare ingredients: sweet potato powder, red pepper and cabbage; PS: other vegetables are OK

Step 2
Wash the pepper, remove the seeds, remove the stems, cut the cabbage, wash and shred;

Step 3
Boil with water, add sweet potato powder and cook;

Step 4
Remove the cooked sweet potato powder and cool it with supercooled water; PS: supercooled sweet potato powder can prevent sticking, and the fried sweet potato powder is more elastic

Step 5
Hot pot, oil, stir fry red pepper;

Step 6
Pour in Cabbage and stir fry. Continue to stir fry for eight times;

Step 7
Add sweet potato powder and soy sauce and stir fry;

Step 8
Stir fry with salt and chives.