I remember when I was a child, my mother would dry a lot of dried radishes every season and put them in a jar. When I wanted to eat, I could dig some out and stir fry them with meat. A few days ago, the vegetable market saw this and resolutely bought some back. Well, although it was a little different from when I was a child, it was still good as a whole. It was crisp, spicy and appetizer


200g dried radish
150g pork
4 green peppers
Proper amount of raw meal
1.5 tablespoons raw soy sauce
1 garlic seedling section
0.5 tablespoon cooking wine
Proper amount of chili oil


Step 1
Generally, cold dishes are sold in the vegetable market. If you can't, just buy them online

Step 2
Cut into small pieces, wash with clean water, drain and set aside

Step 3
Slice the meat first and shred it

Step 4
Put the shredded meat into a container, add an appropriate amount of soy sauce, raw powder, edible oil and pepper, mix well and marinate

Step 5
Shredded green pepper

Step 6
Garlic sprout head cutting oblique knife

Step 7
Heat a little oil in the pot, add ginger and garlic foam and fry until fragrant

Step 8
Then pour in the cut garlic seedlings and cut them with an oblique knife

Step 9
Half a spoonful of cooking wine

Step 10
A spoonful of raw soy sauce

Step 11
Stir fry a little bean paste over low heat to make red oil

Step 12
Pour in the cut shredded radish, let each shredded radish be covered with sauce, and stir fry for three or four minutes

Step 13
Pour in shredded green pepper

Step 14
Add a little salt and chicken powder

Step 15
Finally, pour in an appropriate amount of chili oil and stir well

Step 16
You can get out of the pot. It's very simple

Step 17
People who like spicy can put red pepper, a very appetizing home-made stir fry

Step 18
It's a perfect match with porridge and rice