“Boiled fish” originated in Yubei area of Chongqing, with a history of only more than ten years.


1000g grass carp
2 spoonful Pixian Douban
200g bean sprouts
Enough Zanthoxylum bungeanum
Plenty of dry spicy skin
1 large piece of ginger
2 garlic
2 teaspoons pickle cooking wine
1 teaspoon marinade starch
Salted egg white
Proper amount of pickled pepper
Proper amount of salt
1 green onion


Step 1
Kill and wash the fish, chop off the head and tail, slice them into fillets, and chop the remaining fish chops into several pieces.

Step 2

Step 3
Put the fish fillets in the refrigerator

Step 4
Get the materials ready

Step 5
Fish head, fish bone, put some ginger slices to make soup.

Step 6
In a clean frying pan, add three times as much oil as usual. After the oil is hot, add ginger, garlic, scallion, pepper and dry red pepper to stir fry. Add fish soup and bring to a boil.

Step 7
After boiling for 5 minutes, remove the seasoning from the pot

Step 8
Put all the fillets into the soup pot

Step 9
You can turn off the fire without rolling

Step 10
Blanch the bean sprouts and put them in the alcohol pot

Step 11
Then fish out all the fish and pour a little soup on the bean sprouts

Step 12
Close the lid and light the alcohol lamp

Step 13
When boiling, put some ginger, garlic, pepper and spicy skin on the fish

Step 14
Heat the oil in a small pot. When the oil temperature rises, pour it directly on the fish's surface. You can only hear the "squeak" sound