“Extreme challenge” returns two months later. Huang Lei, Luo Zhixiang and Zhang Yixing won the six course culinary competition with a Mapo Tofu. These six dishes are the most homely dishes in Chinese cuisineļ¼ˆ Of course, I have to mention that the most moving thing is walking on the time bridge. Not only the six people who are in the extreme challenge are moved, but also many audiences cry.)


600g tofu
100g lean pork
5 ml peanut oil
3ml raw powder
150g Mapo Tofu seasoning
50g chives
3 peppers


Step 1
Prepare ingredients, bean curd, lean pork, chive, pepper, Mapo bean curd seasoning package;

Step 2
Buy back the tofu with water immersion;

Step 3
Hot pot, pour oil, add minced pork, pepper and Mapo Tofu seasoning to stir fry;

Step 4
Add a bowl of soup, boil, boil out fragrance; PS: no soup, boiling water is OK.

Step 5
Cut the tofu into pieces and put it into the pot. After boiling again, change it into medium and low heat;

Step 6
Mix the cornmeal with water, pour into the pot and stir fry;

Step 7
Put the chives, turn off the heat and mix well;