Spicy duck clavicle


500g duck clavicle
5g salt
5g ginger
Chinese prickly ash 10g
10 ml blended oil
Sweet and sour chili sauce 20g
10 g fennel
5g fragrant leaves


Step 1
Prepare ginger, pepper, fennel, geranium and chili sauce

Step 2
Wash the duck clavicle with water

Step 3
Blanch it in boiling water

Step 4
Boiled duck collarbone to cool

Step 5
Put the oil in the pan and put in the chili sauce

Step 6
Put the seasoning together and stir fry to make the flavor

Step 7
Add some cold water and salt

Step 8
Put the duck clavicle in and cook for half an hour

Step 9
Well made duck clavicle