Duck blood is rich in nutrition and contains a variety of vitamins, calcium, iron and other minerals. Eating duck blood has the following benefits to the human body: eliminate toxic substances in the body, disinfect and moisten the intestines, and reduce the damage of dust and harmful metal particles to the human body.


1 box of duck blood
1 coriander
1 pack of Flammulina velutipes
1 small bundle of vermicelli
Appropriate amount of Xiabu Xiabu spicy hot pot bottom material
A little sauce


Step 1
Ingredients ready: duck blood, coriander, Flammulina velutipes, vermicelli

Step 2
The vermicelli were soaked in water in advance

Step 3
Duck blood slice (random size)

Step 4
Flammulina velutipes, coriander, head off, clean

Step 5
Put proper amount of water into the milk pot and bring to a boil

Step 6
Put the soaked vermicelli into the pot after boiling

Step 7
Xiabu Xiabu hot pot bottom material starts

Step 8
Add appropriate amount of spicy hot pot bottom material and a little sauce

Step 9
Add Flammulina velutipes and cook until

Step 10
Cook until cooked

Step 11
Take it out and put it in a soup bowl

Step 12
Then duck blood is put into the pot

Step 13
Also cook until well done

Step 14
Remove the tray

Step 15
Add coriander and drizzle with soup

Step 16
Sipping and sipping mandarin duck hot pot seasoning can satisfy your picky taste buds